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01Aug 2016
a boy and a girl in front of the PC high-five

Social media and online communities are changing the way we communicate and exchange information. But do you know that they are changing also the way we learn? Lead3.0 interviewed a pool of trainers, mangers and students, discovering  for example that a striking 65% of trainers has changed their teaching strategy and design due to the […]

21Dec 2015
Youtube videos of the first webinar

On December 10th, we held our webinar “Which is the emerging e-leadership skills portfolio and how to raise it? Empirical evidences from Lead3.0 Academy survey”. Our speakers Maria Laura Fornaci (ISTUD), Sue Rossano (MUAS), Gabriele Torretta (UniCredit), and Simon Hill (Coventry University), gave great talks, and we had the opportunity to meet online some of […]