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19Apr 2017

Communities of Practice (CoP) are a great way for professionals to grow: can you imagine what does it mean having a group of experts and professionals to back you up when you need it? This is just one of the advantages of being part of a CoP. Lead3.0 is promoting its own Community  dedicated to […]

14Mar 2017
two boys studying and comparing front of a PC

What is the Academy? The Lead3.0 Academy has been developed over the last two years in order to support the development of strategic e-leaderships skills by bringing together the best and most up-to-date content available online. Utilising the vast array of online materials and generating new ones, the Academy aims to introduce the emerging e-leadership […]

09Sep 2016

What are OERs? Lead3.0 Academy has one main pillar when it comes to the learning strategy adopted: the use of OERs (Open educational resources) for training e-leaders in those skills needed by the labour market today. But what do we mean exactly with OERs? OERs are classified as freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media […]

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