21Sep 2016
Two colleagues discuss looking data on tablet

What is today’s businesses to be competitive in every sector? How can companies be the best in the push competition with the advancement of new technologies and a growing gap between job vacancies and professionals who have extensive digital skills? The answer comes from research on the project manager’s Lead 3.0 Academy

30Aug 2016
a man working on tablet

The level of digital skills of European leaders analyzed by a search of Istud Foundation. The research on managers is the first step of Le@d3.0 Academy project: virtual learning platform with the ambition to become an international academy for trainers working in universities, business schools and industry and be able to generate leverage in the […]

01Jun 2016
colleagues at work in front of computer and graphics

Marella Caramazza from ISTUD speaks about digital learning and leadership, highlighting what Lead could bring to this scenario. The education market finally seems to be distributed after the difficult years following the economic crisis. Emerging new plans and renewed confidence.  

10Jan 2015
classroom with trainers and workers pupils

The process of rethinking the management model and expertise is reflected in the methods of rethinking methods and learning content. Learning, teamwork and adaptation are the three key skills that companies seek in graduates.