New to the Community? Get directions
28 Oktober 2016
New to the Community? Get directions

So you’ve registered yourself to the Community, have done the login, and then you’ve started to browse the Community… What now?

We’ve got you covered! Here you can find some key questions that can be the compass for your first steps here.

What should I do first?

Be personal and tell us something about you: click on your name in the top menu to access your profile. Then click on Profile in the red menu to give us some information about you, and remember to add a picture! It’s nice to see who are we speaking with.

 Where can I find contents?

If you’re eager to dive straight into the Community sea, you could start by clicking on Groups in the top menu. Browse the groups and click on those who look more appealing to you to get more information. Then, just click Join group (for public groups) or Request membership (for private groups), and it’s done! If you’ve requested membership, you must wait for an admin to accept your request before joining the activities.

Where can I find OERs?

Click on OER repository in the top menu and browse through the repository – and don’t forget to rate the OERs you liked the most!

How can I communicate with other members?

If you want to comunicate privately with someone, access their profile and click on Private message (the black box near their picture).

Who can I speak to if something is not quite right?

Contact Admin (@admin) if any trouble occurs. If you’re experiencing issues related to a specific group, you can contact the group admins: to see who they are, enter the Group and look on the right, in the Group admins section.

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