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5 April 2018 at 10:06

The offer of technologies on the market to date is really impressive and can be confusing, on the other hand there is no magic recipe applicable to all situations and all contexts to get out of the technological dilemma and a trainer should be able to select/pick those technologies really supporting the learning process rather than those “nice to have” or fashionable.

This means that a trainer should carefully consider first the learning types he/she intends to support through technologies.

The video below presents Prof Laurillard learning types taxonomy and offers a selection of Web2.0 technologies able to support each of them.

Learning types and learning technologies

I found this video particularly useful and I had the chance to make use of Padlet to support learning through collaboration in a Train the trainers class. It turned to be a very powerful tool to enable remote co-creation and knowledge sharing processes.

Have you ever used Padlet in your virtual classroom?

Do you have any other good/bad experience to share concerning the use of Web2.0 tools for digital learning design/delivery?

I look forward to hearing from you,


Maria Laura