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Social media and online communities are changing the way we communicate and exchange information. But do you know that they are changing also the way we learn?

Lead3.0 interviewed a pool of trainers, managers and students, discovering for example that a striking 65% of trainers has changed their teaching strategy and design due to the spread of social media and MOOCs.

From developers to educators, anyone working  on Lead3.0 Academy gets started from the same principles: the results of the Need Analysis conducted during the research phase.

The goal of this initial research stage was to identify those e-Leadership Skills that managers, trainers and students considered more underdeveloped. The research team started from an e-Leadership Soft Skills taxonomy derived from European and International literature, and then carried out a set of in depth interviews (involving over 25 managers and 30 trainers) to finalize the skills’ set to focus on. A second survey was then carried out to identify those skills to be considered as priority in the development of future Leadership Development training programmes.

The Research Report e-book collects the extensive results from the research phase, analyzing the background and the outcomes of this research phase. Download it for free and discover the pillars on which we are building the Academy, what does e-Leadership really means for trainers, managers and students, or how e-Leadership Skills are going to be trained within Lead3.0.

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