fondazione-istudThe first indipendent Business School in Italy, ISTUD began in 1970 to work in the field of higher vocational education and of research on management. It offers a wide range of research and educational programmes for the management education.

ISTUD leads the Work Package 1 “Project management and coordination”.

This WP objective is to coordinate and support partner efforts, ensuring that project aims and results are achieved in the due time and with the planned resources, and to effectively and efficiently comply with the contractual and operational obligations with the EACEA.

Maria_Laura_profileWhat I do: I'm driving the Le@d3.0 boat, pushing the excellent Le@d3.0 crew going the extra-mile and fishing opportunities for us into the EU sea.

You need to know: I'm a philosopher and a practitioner with passion for any innovative idea and project which could change in better people education & life.


cov200A leading UK University, CovUni is a a dynamic, global and transformational institution. It has been awarded “University of the Year” at the 2015 Times Higher Education awards.

Coventry University leads the Work Package 4 “Design & Deployment”.

The WP aims at the macro and micro-designing of the Lead3.0 Academy, its virtual learning platform and the Trainers’ Toolkit.

Cherisse HoyteWhat I do: I am the project leader for Le@d 3.0 in Coventry University. My day job involves lecturing on enterprise and entrepreneurship, human resource management and designing training tool-kits for enterprise educators.

You need to know: I like variety in my job and tend to be very organised. I work best when given deadlines.

Sean GrahamWhat I do: I am an eLearning developer, with a love of all things digital. I took over responsibility of the learning platform from my colleague, Steven Ball.

You need to know: I’ve been working at Coventry University for 14 years. Starting as an audio / visual technical assistant, and working up to an all round eLearning guru. I also have an unhealthy obsession with immersive technology.

pete-profileWhat I do: I do odd jobs and fill in for colleagues when they are no around. My day job is teaching and researching enterprise education in the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship.

You need to know: I've got lots of experience in various fields, from engineering, media production, project management and teaching; I'm curious; I'm often accused of being creative and I'm full of ideas. My favorite things are family, food, gardens and the seaside.

FH-Münster-University-of-ApMünster University of Applied Sciences’strength lies in the diversity of its offerings. Backed by a network of strategic partnerships, it is continually consolidating its leading position by committing itself to providing education, knowledge and research transfer on a long-term basis.

MUAS leads the Work Package 5 “Capacity building & Community of Practice”.

This WP aims at preparing and delivering a Capacity Building Programme for trainers to develop the technical and pedagogical skills needed for Lead3.0, and at designing and launching the Lead3.0 CoP (Community of Practice).

Sue-Rossano_profileWhat I do: I am the academic researcher in Lead 3.0, and the voice and ears of MUAS team within Lead 3.0.

You need to know: I am a researcher on entrepreneurial behaviour, social networks and women entrepreneurship. I love working with organized people who likes to remind me of " due dates". I love my family and I love doing sports like playing tennis, running and traveling.

Balzan-Orazbayeva_profileWhat I do: I am a part of the international MUAS team with a special focus on cross-cultural management and competence development and Capacity Building Designer for Lead3.0.

You need to know: I am a PhD student and researcher enjoying the opportunity to work alongside people with multidisciplinary and diverse cultural experiences and perspectives. I love longboarding, backing and travelling.


auchan_retailAn unlisted company, combining family and employee shareholders, Groupe Auchan is best known for its firm “Auchan Retail” which groups together in all countries the existing food retail channels.

Groupe Auchan leads the Work Package 8 “Exploitation”.

The main objective of this WP is to identify and implement mechanisms to foster project results self-sustainability and exploitation after project ending.

What I do: As CLO of an international retail company with a very busy agenda, I try my best to share my ideas, experience and skills with the Lead3.0 community.

You need to know: It's difficult for me to say NO, so I am always busy helping and coaching people. I like the idea that topics, projects or problems can be adressed in different ways, especially unusual ones.

Unicredit_Logo300UniCredit Group is one of the biggest financial corporation in Europe, and its strategic position in Western and Eastern Europe gives the group one of the region's highest market shares.

UniCredit leads the Work Package 3 “Research and need analysis”.

The WP aims at researching the background about e-leadership skills, theories and pedagogical approaches for web enhanced training, best practices, mapping OERs.

Carlotta-Maniezzo_profileWhat I do: Together with Gabriele we try to make the UniCredit experience concerning Leadership and Digital a common experience in order to explore -also learning from our Partners- new frontiers.

You need to know:I'm involved in non profit iniatives and I strongly believe that solidarity represents the only way to survive with dignity. My hobbies are trekking the Dolomites, losing myself in the Marrakech souq, cycling on the renaissance walls of my town, discovering new cultures, talking with people… and many others!


oicDating back to 1990, the Foundation offers companies and institutions efficient and integrated solutions when dealing with the HR development.

OIC leads the Work Package 6 “Pilot testing and validation”.

The WP aims to test and validate Academy through the implementation of a pilot for end-users (managers and students) and the collection of feedback from both recipients and teachers/trainers.

anna_bartosiewicz_profileWhat I do: I’m a project assistant providing all support needed to achieve Lead3.0 expected outcomes.

You need to know: You need to know: Sports and... coffee keep me going! I’m a keen traveller, enchanted with the dazzling beauty of Andalusia and early morning sunrises. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list :)


jacek-korzeniak-profileWhat I do: I am a project manager and entrepreneurship coach, I will bring my business experience and expertise to support Lead3.0 academy partnership.

You need to know: My goal – keep going... I do not like routine, new projects and challenges make every day different.

ewelina-iwanek-profileWhat I do: Apart from daily management of the OIC Poland Foundation, I am a project manager who is keen on deadlines, organisation and good communication. I will bring my leadership experience into the Lead3.0 project.

You need to know:I love challenges and new projects which give me opportunity to learn something new. The most challenging projects of my life are my daughters. ‘These projects’ give me a lot of satisfaction every day.


EFMDAn international no-profit membership organisation, EFMD is recognized globally as an accreditation body of quality in management education with established accreditation services for business schools and business school programmes, corporate universities and technology-enhanced learning programmes.

EFMD leads the Work Package 2 “Quality Assurance”.

The scope of this WP is to define quality control mechanisms and criteria and supervise the quality of project outputs.

Boriana_Marinova_profileWhat I do: I am the talk-to person when you need something from EFMD. It might come sometimes late, priorities, priorities ;) but you'll have it if it's in our expertise of course ;)

You need to know:I am rather curious, flexible, always look for solutions and a study addict. I love travelling, dancing, my friends and my family. "Difficult" books and movies fascinate me.


logohorizontalAdvancis designs environments and learning experiences departing from learners, their individual portfolio of knowledge, skills and experiences but designed to enhance transformation and development, challenging them to question the acquired, to unlearn and to build collectively new paradigms and ways of acting.

Advancis leads the WP9 “Monitoring & evaluation”.

The main objective of the WP is to determine whether the project planning and implementation are effective and the planned results and expected impact are met.


logo_gpGruppo Pragma is a company specialized in offline and online learning solutions, digital communication and knowledge for business, and digital marketing strategies.

Gruppo Pragma leads the Work Package 7 “Promotion & Dissemination”.

This WP objectives are to mainstream project scope and activities at EU and national level to raise awareness on the project, to help beneficiaries in participating, to support the dissemination of project outcomes and the take up of the results.

Oriana_ProfiloWhat I do: I'm the project manager for Gruppo Pragma. I oversee the planning, implementation and tracking of activities, and most of all I try to let people be a successful team. For that reason I'm constantly asking for feedbacks.

You need to know: I am pretty curious, tech-addicted, quite savvy and I strongly believe in the future generation. I love colours, graphics and photos. My favourite thing is walking in a silent place, without shoes, with my feet on the grass.

marta_ceccotti_profileWhat I do: I bring my experience as a webmaster and visual designer in the design and implementation of the Lead 3.0 site and Academy

You need to know: I'm a semi-professional vollyball player. I love this sport and the team spirit it taught me. I love black clothes and disturbing colleagues with my powerful sneezes!

valentina_musu_profileWhat I do: I'm the social media manager and web master for Lead3.0.

You need to know: I am a mother who loves to travel. I love eating and cooking desserts. My dream is to travel around the world

Judith_scoltock_profileWhat I do: On Lead3.0, I'm a deadline reminder, homework assigner, doubt solver, Webex ninja, social media apprentice and instructional designer.

You need to know: I'm a professional tea drinker who loves to read, to watch movies and series, to spend time with her cats, and everything pink-ish. Occasionally, I kill plants. As a child, I'd wanted to be a princess-ballerina-archaeologist. Yes, all together.