classroom image of Italian CBS

We recently interviewed Martina and Nicola, two of the trainers of the Italian CBS, about their experience during the sessions. Now let's see what Judith and Stefano, the remaining trainers of the Italian team, have to say on this topic!

If the CBS was a fairy tale, which would be the moral?

Stefano colucciaTo read a story is nice, to tell it is thrilling, but to share it is truly captivating.



judith"United we stand, divided we fall", because CBS reminded me that I’m never truly alone when working in a team. Even when I sat by myself at my desk, Stefano, Martina and Nicola were always just a clic away, ready to offer help and support.



If it was a Music, which sound and rhythm would it have?

Stefano colucciaI would say a mix of different genres, experimental music!    



judithFor me, CBS would have been like a jam session, where each trainer played his own instrument according to the harmony to create something nice, new and different from what we were expecting.



And if it was a desert island, what would you keep with you

Stefano colucciaSome friends.    



judithThe Skype addresses of the Italian CBS team and of the participants I tutored for, because when obstacles happened the fastest solution was to communicate, to relate and to share things with others.



Who was your best/most important travel buddy (companion)

Stefano colucciaMy colleague Judith, we supported each other a lot.    



judithIf I must pick one, I would say Stefano: his experience and professionalism were my anchors even in the storm!




And who did make it hard for you?

Stefano colucciaTime is a tyrant!    



judithThe more people involved, the more time you need to listen and understand them all before you can proceed; and since we didn’t have too much time during the CBS, having too many people involved on the micro-tasks have been difficult from time to time.


Did you have a “Linus’ blanket” to hold on to?

Stefano colucciaThe continuous exchange with colleagues.    



judithThe different professional experiences of the tutors’ team helped me find new solutions whenever I felt stuck.




What did you like about yourself in the CBS?

Stefano colucciaMy will to experiment.    



judithBeing flexible in approaching the different tasks, and the positive and fruitful atmosphere created with the group I tutored for.



And what did you dislike about yourself?

Stefano colucciaSometimes I could had been more assertive.    



judithI sometimes failed in asking for help, even knowing that I had a solid team at my back.



How did you “translate” the CBS experience into your day-to-day work?

  Stefano colucciaEven if technologies can inspire and help, but people remain at the core of every educationl process.  



judithTechnologies can only support and facilitate the communication, but the relationship is still at the very foundation of education.


Give some hints or tips to a colleague to design and deliver a CBS:

Stefano colucciaPlan in detail, especially when asynchronous communication is involved.    




1) Preview the worst scenario – in a very complex setting, a lot of things could go wrong;

2) Plan in detail – that way you will effectively face almost everything;

3) Trust your team – you’re not a on-woman band, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help!